Travelgenio a reliable travel agency in the Internet

Travelgenio Travel AgencyAlthough summer is finishing, there is more and more people still booking for travels in September thinking in cheaper prices, less people in the most touristic cities and less temperature in destinations. While the first are possible although during last years September is also understood as peak season, the only thing you cannot control is the weather.

In the Internet there are multiple choices to find the desired travels. But it is important to know which travel agencies are more reliables than others.

Travelgenio is an online travel agency that operates in Spain since 2010. In front of the company is the Argentinian Mariano Pelizzari.

From the very beginning, Travelgenio has been increasing both its services and the countries where Currently, among the services, the most populare are the selling of airlines tickets, insurances, hotels and car rental.

For those who is looking for a good trip, Travelgenio is a good option. Through a simple searcher, where information is automatically updated after every step, the final amount that should be paid is clear from the very first moment, avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Actually, Travelgenio has presence not only in Spain but in many of the European countries. Now is planning its leap to SouthAmerica.

If you take a look to its last years results, the truth is that the take off of this company, although the economical situation, is a fact and it has all the necessary details to continue growing during the next years in an exponential way.

In a clear bet to improve their customer service, during last months they have not only strengthened their call center, but also has extended the schedule for the department to be able to solve any incidence during the 365 year days.

In addition, their attention in social networks is also available to solve any traveler doubt in an effective way.

So, if you want to have a calm booking, where any doubt can be solved in a quick way, with the guarantee of an emerging company, Travelgenio is one of the best options you will find nowadays in the Internet.

With interesting daily offers, we are sure you will find the one that fits with whatever you have in your mind.

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