Travel2be presents the most famous brilliant monuments

Have you ever thought about them? Travel2be wants to show you the most famous steel monuments all over the world. We are talking about real architecture jewels that are photografied as they are real symbols of their cities.

When we think about history and monuments, most of the times we are thinking about castles, churches or even bridges, but during last centuries steel or even iron became one of the raw materials that the most modern architects used for their creations. It depends on your opinion about art but, nowadays, the idea of this material monuments convince many people.

Travel2be is the online travel agency that will help you with the best prices for your flights. This will be the best way to visit this following four steel monuments.

For steel marvellous monuments

Sant Louis: The Gateway is the highest monument in the United Stated. It was built in 1965 and it is 192 meters tall, designed by the Finnish Eero Saarinen and it costed around 13 million dollars. It conmemorates the Jefferson National Expansion and it is one of the most beautiful modern monuments in all the country. Take note: its raw material is steel.

Paris: what about talking about the Eiffel Tower? Designed for the 1889 World’s Fair by Gustave Eiffel, it is one of the most famous monuments of the world. It is also one of the most photografied ones as its design is nowadays part of Paris style. But we can continue with records: it is the most visited paid monument of the world. Of course, you must go to the French capital to take a look.

Brussels: It is time to mention the Atomium, one of the most known Belgian monuments and designed for the 1958 World’s Fair. We are talking about a 102 meter tall structure that will also give you the chance to visit one of the most famous science museums inside of it. It represents a unit cell and its raw material is the stainless steel.

Fushun: time to travel to China and get in love with the Life Ring in Fushun. We are talking about a 157 meter tall monument built in 2012 and that costed around 16 million dollars. It was made also of steel, but the truth is that the real spectacle starts when the leds of the circle are on during the night. At least, we assure you tourist will be more than happy to travel here to discover this original piece.

Now it is your turn. Find the one you like, not just talking about a monument but also a price, make your searching in a web like Travel2be one, buy your tickets, and get wherever you like. Its your opinion the one we want to hear and read.

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