The hidden jewellery in the Nazi mug

There are thousand of books and histories about the nazi era, when the Jews where directly sent to the many concentration camps such as Auschwitz. A lot of people, not only Germans, have studied everything left after the Hitler mass kill.

And, although there are some misteries that are still alive, if we talked about some of the articles left as witness of this shame age, everything was almost checked and catalogued and, sometimes, shown in the many world museums.

It is the case of a mug that was part of the few possesions of one of the prisoners. And it had a secret. Workers at the Auschwitz Museum this week found a gold ring and necklace that had been carefully wrapped in canvas. Something that was not expected, something that seems to be a miracle.

Once experts have passed the first surprise, the tests started.

“The hiding of valuable items… proves on the one hand to the awareness of the victims as to the robbery nature of the deportation, but on the other hand it shows that the Jewish families constantly had a ray of hope that these items will be required for their existence,” said Piotr Cywinski, the Director of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum.

How was reveiled?

Workers were in their way to secure and documentate some of the kitchenware pieces when, with an xray, they saw there was something hidden in the bottom of a mug.

Although it is difficult to identify the owner of these pieces, as there were no possessions for prisoners, the truth is that the jewels were catalogued as Polish and designed during the 20′ or early 30’s.

This is just one of the many discoveries that had took place in the Auschwitz Museum while organizating the funds left. It is also a way to understand the fear of these people, that needed to hide all their owns to save them.

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