Mariano Pelizzari: Low cost airlines are the present in Travelgenio – Interview

Travelgenio - Mariano Pelizzari - SpainThe online travel agency Travelgenio born by the hand of the Argentinian Mariano Pelizzari in 2010.

Since then, it has been able to extend its portfolio not only in Spain but in some European countries like UK, France, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands and Italy. This year it is expected to arrive to South America.

To understand its stability, we only need to look at the income statement and see how it has grown exponentially. From € 90MM of the latest results, it is estimated to reach in the coming year to € 150MM.

Your business is based on the sale of airline tickets. What is the key to provide what the travelers demand?

As I saw in the Airlines Customer Satisfaction Study published late last year, 68.04% of travelers are looking for prices they consider acceptable or excellent before booking their travels. Without doubt, that may be the key.

Are the low cost airlines the most demanded by the public?

The final positioning of the low cost airlines on short-haul and medium haul has become entrenched even against the traditional large companies. So yes, actually, they are the most demanded ones and the present.

Although your success, your main competitors are the airlines themselves. How do you perceive the situation of the online travel agencies against them?

It is curious how have the booking habits change during last years. As we checked in the Study I talked before, actually about the 70% of the public buy their tickets in a travel agency while just the 25% decide to book them directly with the airline.

A few months ago you improved your customer service. It his point what makes Travelgenio different?

Well, I don’t know if this is the difference or not. In Travelgenio our goal, as it has always been, is the final customer satisfaction. With this new schedule, and with the creation of new jobs, we try to give a better service in our operations and transmit our customers the fact that Travelgenio is their trust agency and that we will solve any incidence in case it happens. Our intention is to keep their loyalty by their satisfaction in any booking they make in our search engine.

You have also changed the headquarters. Is this one of the growing projects?

Yes, this year we are really excited with the changes that are happening in the company. It is really a dream to see that the work we make has the success that our results show and this is what we need to improve more and more the value and customer service.

Apart from sending tickets, you have also bet in the edition of your first book, Destinario, which offer travelers some destination ideas, why?

We are sure that any traveler will find the beginning of an unforgetable trip on it. For us, travelling

We believe that, among the destinations it offers, some travelers will find the starting point for an unforgettable trip. There is nothing better to contribute with the realization of a dream. This book has been a challenge for us. From the first moment we turned on doing this Destinario of quality, with all respect to destinations and readers, and looking for any type of traveler to have place in its pages. Travelgenio opted for editing this book with all our enthusiasm and with the desire to provide the best quality in it.

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