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Germany lifts total ban on Nazi symbols in video games: After decades of German video games censoring Nazi bad guys, the rules
Gab user’s anti-Semitic posts removed: The content was posted to social network Gab, which is popular with
Butlin’s says guest records may have been hacked: Up to 34,000 visitors to Butlin’s camps may have had their personal
Warning over satellite security bugs: Vulnerable communications systems can expose military forces or pinpoint ships, researchers warn.
Can you speed-read these news stories?: The BBC is experimenting with a way of delivering the news more
Luminit Announces Light Shaping Micro Optics Capabilities for LIDAR, Time of Flight, Facial ID and Eye/Head Tracking: The company now offers in-house direct-writing of masters to bring custom micro-optics
Fantom Drives Release G-Force 3.1 SSD Suite for 4K Video Editing, Music, and Large File Storage/Migration: Hardened SSD Models Test at a Transfer Rate Up to 560 MB/s Announces PowerboatGuy – Mobile App Fishing and Boating Accessories Version 3.0: An app to turn your iPhone or iPad into a boating instrument
Nigerian Brings Classic Social Media App Into the Digital Age: Worldjunction is a social media app that Nigerians can use to to
Release of 2 Original Songs/Videos, (Bi-lingual English and Japanese) Praising the MLB’s Young Superstars and Luminary Players from a Lifelong Fan’s Viewpoint: Singer Songwriter James Udesky has released two full-version video songs (bi-lingually in