Carnivals around the world

It is time of party, customs and, of course, samba. We are celebrating Carnivals and everything is allow during these days.

There are many cities all over the world celebrating parades and festivals, but, we would like to talk about some curious ones.

Traditional celebrations in Trinidad and Tobago: during the days before the Ash Wednesday, people celebrate their carnival as if they were the French conquerors, with some traditional and historical details of the way they used to dress.

Rio de Janeiro: it is one of the most popular destinations during carnivals because of the festivities and dances of the Sambodromo, where many samba schools prepair their parade to show the marvellous dancings and dancers.

The semba origin: time to travel to Angola, in Africa. The real semba was born here and during these days it is typical to decorate heads and shake them with the semba original rhythm.

Venice: what about one of the most elegant carnivals of the world? The Venice parties are really popular because of the elegance of the masks and customs. The private parties you can find in the Italian city are some of the most beautiful ones during these days.

Tenerife: it is about party, beauty and music. During last years it has became one of the most demanded destination during Carnivals because of the performances you can enjoy there.

So that’s why, if you want to enjoy this week, you can pack your luggage and choose between many different possibilities and plans all over the world. It is time to party, it is time to enjoy without complex, it is Carnival time!


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