Bye Mr. Obama

IMG_20151126_110329Chicago was the city that heard last Obama’s speech as the President of the United Status of America. The place where his dream started was also the city to say goodbye to a politician that made history. He has been, during last eight years, the first black skinned president of the most important country of the world.

Of course, all the media focus were on him and on his words. Michelle, the First Lady, and one of their daughters were sitting expecting for the most important speech of Mr. Obama, the one to say bye to all his electors, the one to greet all the supporters, the one that would have been analyzed all over the world.

And, of course, he left some details that will last forever. First one, without words needed: the absence of the other daughter as she had to prepare an exam. This one talks about commitment. His absolutely bet for education, principles and also for his family. Nothing is as important as to leave an exam unprepared.

Democracy was another of the main mottos of the speech, with the warnings, challenges and also future. The successor in this charge is Donald Trump, the one that won the elections last time, the one that beat Clinton – from Obama’s party – and that is going to take over the White House and the American policy.

Adopting once more the “Yes We Can”, he talked about the necessary commitment as citizens, not just following the elected leader, but also from the cities, the jobs, to sum to change what is necessary to give America a change to improve.

The Latin electors were also there to give him support. Although the probes talked about another result in latest elections (something that could be seen in the comparador de casas de apuestas), they were claimed to continue with the dreams and efforts to make the changes possible.

But maybe the most incredible and replayed parts of all the Chicago speech was about the emotional sentences for Michelle and his family. It has been almost the greatest part for the media, with the tears, with the effort asked, with all the consequences for the whole family. A greet to be remembered.

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