Aquila drone takes flight

We are now reading about the last launch of the Facebook enterprise. They have just tried the first test for this ultimate tech advance. The company announces this fact with these words “Facebook Connectivity Lab announced the first full-scale test flight of Aquila, our high-altitude unmanned aircraft that can be used to bring affordable internet to remote locations”.

With a weight that is less than the car one, the wingspan is like an airliner. The Aquila drone has been designed to solve the world connection problems. Powered by a solar system, this drone is unique and has passed the test with a flight that lasted almost 100 minutes, three times the time wished for the prove.

The test took place in Arizona latest 28th of June. Facebook installed a team of engineers at Bridgwater from fields of expertise including aerospace, avionics and software and who had previously worked at organisations such as Nasa, Boeing and the Royal Air Force.

The best experts for an ultimate technological development that is one of the mail goals for Zuckerberg’s philosophy: to give the opportunity to connect to the Internet to many countries that are considered the Third World and that could be able to improve their lives and possibilities.

“Internet access can offer life-changing opportunities and experiences to all of us, but there are still 4 billion people without it. That’s 60% of the global population. As many as 1.6 billion of those unconnected people live in remote locations with no access to mobile broadband networks, where implementing existing network technologies is so challenging and costly that it will take years to bring everyone affordable access. As part of our commitment to, we formed the Facebook Connectivity Lab to build new technologies — including aircraft, satellites, and wireless communications systems — to help solve this problem more quickly.”

This is the latest step for the commitment of Facebook to improve the Internet access in the world. A new development that can change the way we understand connections all over the world. “But we believe this work has never been more important. New technologies like Aquila have the potential to bring access, voice and opportunity to billions of people around the world, and do so faster and more cost-effectively than has ever been possible before.”


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