A new scenary from the City?

Until now, it was clear that the dictates of the NYSE were the ones that moved the international markets all over the world, but nowadays it seems that this is not as clear as it was.

According to the hard normatives for capital in the United States and also summing new concepts such as immigration laws or even litiges, the truth is that the business queen has given way and importance to the City, that can suddenly achieve the throne if trend continues as data demonstrate that it has settled as an attractive place for banks and investment.

This scenary is now like this because of the British government decisions to give a more flexible legislation for business in its territory. If we add some finantial rules that are not subjected by no European guideline but that have all the benefits of being part of the European Union we understand why London is destination for many investors.

Although during last years, where finantial companies or even banks from all over the world have been forced to include the crisis risks on their finantial balances, the truth is that, with the new proposals from the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, and also in London with the Bank of England, the improvement should be visible during next months.

Iif we attend to the observants, included the Versus Wealth Management ones, it is early to talk about a real scenary change because, although all these situations, you can still find in New York some of the companies with greater stock index in the whole planet.

Apart from this, there are some new places to be taken into account as it is forseen that they will be growing as finantial centers in this context. We are talking about Hong Kong, Singapore or Shangai, where everyday more and more operations are done and where investors are putting their eyes on according to indexes like the manufacturer activities.

All these could finish as a new stage for the economical and monetary policies of the most relevant international potencies that see how their influence could be descentralized, giving place to new investment places that could arrive during next year.

This does not mean, anyway, that London or New York won’t have to make all their efforts not to loose their positions, still working for recruiting huge operations as always.

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