Zara bites the Big Apple

Zara had a privileged store near Bryant Park, in NY, one of the most famous place to show the Spanish fashion collections of the Amancio Ortega’s brand.

But now, the clear bet to improve the presence in Manhattan has been made by the buying of the 490 Broadway building, one of the most popular architecture place in Soho. This means Zara’s good health not only in Europe but in remote countries where it opened their stores.

This transaction was made through Ponte Gadea, one of the main Ortega’s company. The 5 floor building will be located in one of the most transitated streets for shopping, in a place where almost every New Yorker or visitor take a look not just because in Broadway St. you can find some of the most popular stores but also because it continues with the ancient NY soul.

This transaction has ment 145 million dollars disbursement, but it worths each dollar. It is one of the most interesting ubications for this Spanish store as it will hang all their clothes in the Haughwout building, designed by John Gaynor and that always has been occupied by some of the most international trades.

As a curiosity, this building was the first one in the world to own an hidraulic elevator from Otis. Think about it, it was the first store all over the world to help their customers arrive to any of their floors.

So we just have to wait a few months to see how Zara arrives to its new NY home in the corner of Broome St., one of the most emblematic Soho streets that will help the Spanish fashion brand continue its international expansion and also their place in the Big Apple.



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