Things to do in Manchester

Manchester is truly an immense multicultural city. There are a wide variety of peaceful and ideal places to visit. Historical sites, numerous theatres, concert halls and other impressive places give unforgettable moments to everyone. If you think of going on vacation very soon, the following activities are a must try.

Visit the museums and art galleries in Manchester

If you are looking for the best place to enjoy your visit, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Imperial War museums in Manchester that is a huge part of attraction thanks to its extraordinary aluminum-clad building. You can explore the great Museum of Science and Industry that will be very advantageous. Likewise, you can absorb the culture of this city, such as visiting the Whitworth Art Gallery that is situated on Whitworth Street or visiting the La City Art Gallery.

Take a tour around Manchester City

What a great way to explore the city of Manchester and have fun. This City is one the world’s wealthiest clubs, and fans from everywhere throughout the world. You could make a full tour of the city to discover the Etihad Stadium Tour or Salford Lads Club for example. If you are interested in finding out more about the city, you can hire a car. If you will make a tour to explore sites and the concert venues, the tour will be approximately 3 hours long, it starts and ends in the downtown area, so if you hire a car, you will spend a good time.

Take a breath of fresh air at the Platt Fields Park

As its name implies, this park is right for you. It is a large public park located at Fallowfield in Manchester. This is a perfect place for a quiet and peaceful walk or simply if you need to take some fresh air. In addition, you could run without problems or go there for a family picnic. As soon as you get to this awesome park, you will feel a particular environment as there are gardens of different kinds. The park also contains a large pleasure lake where you can travel by boat.

Shop around Manchester and see live music

As Manchester is a city of markets, you could head to Levenshulme to find snacks and many more. You could even find clothing and ornaments. Your trip wouldn’t be completed if you don’t see live music in this city because it is a part of Manchester’s lifeblood. You can go to the Deaf Institute or Sound Control on Oxford Road for old and new bands alike. You could also go to the Ritz to enjoy live music around.

There are lots of things that you can do in Manchester, you will admire the Platt Fields Park. You will distinguish the Imperial War museums and the Whitworth Art Gallery. You will never regret your visit there.


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