The whatsapp dilema

There are a lot of articles talking about the apps security and the way your personal data can be stolen. The truth is that, while there are some mobile software that can help you in this issue, you must always think about the information you are sharing depending on the app with the rest of the world.

Platforms like Facebook do have some interesting restrictions regarding your security. You can almost decide who can take a look to your profile. Depending on the publications and photos you share, you can change even the possibilities if you prefer to share it in public or just with some friends.

That is why, after the problem with the FBI and the Apple giant for the information inside an Iphone of the San Bernardino shooter. The many possibilities and complications to access to the data inside the mobile started a real debate about the options that should take care of our own information.

Some weeks after, the Zuckerberg company announced the latest actuallization of Whatsapp, the free platform where almost all messages are send from: they proceed to encrypt all the messages.

This means, you write the message, it got encrypted and it is sent to the person you choose. Once it arrives to the mobile, it is legible, but during the sending, it is not. This is a new step to avoid the way we have been spied. As many times we have read in the newspapers from all over the world, governments used the shared information for their investigations. Is it legal? Ethic?

Currently, this is going to be, at least, more difficult thanks to the encryptation code they have introduced to the messages, something that will assure that our sentences or even emojis won’t be identified in their servers, just in the destination mobile.

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