Sharing economies are here to stay

Far from a temporary blip driven by recession, sharing economies are offering a sustainable alternative to mainstream economics

Today is the final day of OuiShare Fest 2014, a three-day conference in Paris bringing together over 1,000 collaborative economy entrepreneurs to examine every aspect of the sharing economy, from the Open Source Beehives Project to challenges for corporations in the collaborative economy.

For anyone under the impression that the rise of the sharing economy is simply a blip reaction to the recession, the OuiShare conference is proving otherwise. Consider this: on its first birthday in 2009, Airbnb, which lets people rent out part or all of their homes, was a tiny start-up many had never heard of. Today it’s seen 11 million guests staying in 34,000 cities, not to mention 600 castles. Far from diminishing in influence as the global economy has shown signs of recovery, the likes of Airbnb have strengthened. Temporary blip this is not.

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