Just an iceberg caused the sinking of the Titanic?

TitanicWhen almost all the world believed that the Titanic sank because of the iceberg crash, there is a new theory coming that could include some more details for one of the most historical accidents in the recent era.

All we know about the Titanic boat was incredible. Not only the measurements of the structure, but also the luxury, the legend and the many survivors that talked about those horrible hours in the freezing waters of the Ocean.

But, after this version was accepted by almost all, there has been released an Irish documental that talks about another accident inside the legendary boat that could have helped in the sinking. Moreover, it has to do with the sinking speed.

Senan Molony, who has been studying about the Titanic disaster and has written several books about this part of the sea history, said there is now photographic evidence that a massive fire damaged the hull of the ship before it struck an iceberg.

This documentary will be released during this month in the UK but will be also shown in many other Discovery Channels in different countries.

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But the truth is that this new hypothesis is not new. The fire disaster was also mentioned years before as a fact. Meanwhile, the 1912 papers also wrote about this possibility as one of the reasons of the speed to arrive to the deep of the Ocean.

Now, during the length of the documentary, there are some photos that should be the definitive proof of this theory.

“We eliminated the obvious possibilities that it could be a reflection or some meteorological phenomenon, or shadow, and photographic experts verified that it was a true representation of what was in front of the lens and not a quirk of the photographic process,” he told CTVNews.ca in a phone interview.

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