Is a new recession surrounding markets?

MarketsWe have heard about economy like never before during last years but, it seems that everything is getting normalized. Or not?

“We looked at all of these indicators that have been pretty good at forecasting recessions and we extrapolated that if they follow the current trends they’re on, we’re going to hit a recession sometime in the second half of next year.” This is a quote of Bank of America – Merryl Linch in United States, so maybe we should warn ourselves in terms of economy once more.

Although all the things we are being witness and we are hearing talk about a new way of understanding the macroeconomy all around the world. Maybe there are some alarm symbols we should also take into account to find out that not everything is as possitive as they tell us.

we just have to see what happened last week with the pound devaluation in Asia. Just a headline to change all the Brexit tendency.

Maybe November clarifies a little bit the world economy with the Presidential US Elections, when markets will see the type of American economy during the following years. We cannot forget that Wall Street marks all the guidelines in the rest of markets and that it is not as strong as we thought. We just have to take our minds just a few years ago.

The fragility of the indicators are now again warning about the poverty of the mesurements we have made to avoid a new recession.

There are many things that continue changing markets. Both from the most popular companies or even the new meetings and agreements. In terms of politics, the main three scenaries (US, EU and Asia) are not really as healthy as they are supposed to be to assume the economical effects of the decisions made.

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