If you plan to travel to USA … first save money

img_20151126_111705During last years, the difference between the American currency and the Euro was really interesting for travellers that wanted to buy things in the United States. The only one interesting thing that happened during the last crisis years was about the interests, that for consumers where low enough to suffer better all the economical situation.

For travellers it was a good deal to invest in the many products and shops all over the country once they arrived to the American Territory. Take a look just to the last income counts of the main companies there. If you just take a look to one of the most tourist places in the world, NYC, you would see how European travellers left in shops and accommodation more than ever. They were making good deals and it was a win win option.

But all this time is about to change in a few months. Say goodbye to arrive home with full luggage with low cost priced objects. The Federal Reserve has announce the new mesurements for the following months and all of them include a rise in the interests type, something that will make the dollar increase its value if we compare it to the rest world coins. This value groth will put it really near the euro value and that means that the European travellers won’t find the opportunities as before.

Although for the American economy are good news, they will also have to take into account the tourism impact. But the truth is that, as the country is waiting for almost 3 new increases, the parity between the two main coins can be broken. We also have to think about the low type rate in Europe, that has not changed during last years (nowadays are some rumours about a possible rising in July) and, with the Brexit issue without news, is suffering a depreciation.

So, if you want to travel to USA, stay tunned and hurry up. Maybe the advantages won’t be as they were.

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