Edward Frenkel: In love with the art of mathematics

This week on the Guardian’s Science Weekly podcast presented by Alok Jha, we hear from celebrated mathematician Edward Frenkel on his passion for numerical calculation. Frenkel discusses his new book Love & Math: The Heart of Hidden Reality, a love letter to the beauty of maths and why we need to see great works of mathematical genius with the same openess and wonder that we engage with great novels and paintings.

Alok is joined by Guardian science correspondent Ian Sample and Observer Tech Monthly commissioning editor Nicola Davis to discuss some of this week’s top science stories including face recognition technology at your local Tesco petrol station and the unveiling of campaign to sign up a thousand volunteers for an open access genetics research project.

Link to article: feeds.theguardian.com/c/34708/f/663889/s/338908a9/sc/38/l/0L0Stheguardian0N0Cscience0Caudio0C20A130Cnov0C110Cpodcast0Escience0Eweekly0Eedward0Efrenkel0Emath/story01.htm

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