Cry Of The Tiger: Endangered animals dying in Indonesian zoo

Thousands of exotic animals, including endangered Sumatran tigers, are languishing at a renowned Indonesian zoo where a bitter conflict is leaving animals to suffer and die.

The Surabaya Zoo was once the pride of South-East Asia, but overcrowding, small enclosures and squalid conditions have seen the number of animal deaths at the zoo run in to the hundreds – possibly thousands – over recent years.

During the past three months alone 50 animals have died, including an endangered Indonesian orangutans. Tigers, dozens of Komodo dragons, and a giraffe have died in recent years.

One Sumatran tigress, Melani, has become the became the poster girl of the zoo for the wrong reason – used by feuding management factions to further their own interests.

“The current size of cages, for example, does not correspond with the animals occupying it. [They’re] too crowded,” says Sri Penta, the zoo’s curator.

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