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Introduction of FotoJet an All-in-one Online Graphic Tool: Photo collages have become increasingly popular nowadays, as a fun way to
Aquila drone takes flight: We are now reading about the last launch of the Facebook enterprise.
The whatsapp dilema: There are a lot of articles talking about the apps security and
Gmail appears to be blocked in China: A remaining way to easily access Google’s email service Gmail is blocked
Sony hackers ‘shared’ stolen logins: Data that helped hackers access Sony’s internal network came from another group
Xiaomi most valuable tech start-up: Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi becomes the world’s most valuable technology start-up just
Fingerprint ‘cloned from photos’: Hacker Jan Krissler claims to have cloned the fingerprint of a German
Wolf ‘most pirated film of 2014’: The Wolf of Wall Street, Martin Scorsese’s true-life tale of corrupt New
Xbox and PlayStation tackle attacks: Xbox and PlayStation work to restore online services after suffering technical problems,
Hack threat comedy released in US: The Sony Pictures comedy The Interview opens in some US cinemas and